Dear Sirs,
we take advantage of Your attention to introduce You in few lines our firm. The firm Bonfanti srl was born in the distant 1969 to family character quickly expanding itself on the market of the sector you articulate for the cleaning of the house with synthetic sponges and abrasive fibers to mark “BV”. The appointment of all the employees and the good relationship of collaboration, given by the respect of the human values to guardianship of the working class, syndacal, fiscal, contributive, sanitary and accident prevention, has contributed to the fast national and international commercial expansion of the firm. At the end of the year 1991 the Firm Bonfanti is transformed in “Bonfanti srl” always maintaining its own mark “BV” and specializing itself on the production of articles at private mark.

The firma has always in the foreground the normative of the panel for the safety to guardianship of the employees on the place of employment. The good respect of these rules is synonymous of wish to will be always in first line to qualitatively improve their own products and services. The productive unities and the complex of the offices are situated on an area of 12.000 mqs in a beautiful scenery of the zone of the Montalbano in the Province of Pistoia in the green one and characteristic Tuscany.
Thanking You for the attention,
Best Regards.

. . . . . .


Social Responsability SA8000:2008
Quality System ISO 9001:2008
Bonfanti s.r.l. Sponges Production · via G. Matteotti, 2178 - 51036 Larciano (Pistoia) · ITALIA - t +39 0573 84177 - C.F. and VAT IT 01151050471
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